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Coming soon to a neighborhood near you!

An exciting opportunity is underway for homes and businesses in the central Missouri area through Callabyte Technology, LLC. This company is being brought to you by your trusted electricity provider, Callaway Electric Cooperative. In September 2015, Callabyte began offering broadband and other IP (Internet Protocol) services to the local community.

The company kicked off with a pilot project in the fall of 2015 offering 'fiber to the premise' in the Stonehaven Subdivision near Fulton, MO. The pilot was a success, and in March, 2016 a second project on the south end of Fulton in the Southwind Subdivision began followed by starting down Route C towards Hams Prairie. From there, additional project areas have been added. View our website or call/email with any questions.



Who is Callabyte Technology?

Callabyte Technology, L.L.C. is part of the trusted electricity provider, Callaway Electric Cooperative. Owned by the Cooperative's service company, Callabyte Technology, L.L.C. is a for profit, tax paying limited liability company that offers advanced communications services to un- and underserved areas of the surrounding communities. Callaway Electric Cooperative is constructing a fiber-to-the-home broadband network to improve the electrical distribution system's operation and efficiency. Along the way, Callabyte is offering advanced communications to reach a need for improved access to rural residents.

View updates here, visit the Callabyte website and like us on facebook to stay up with the latest details and information.


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