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Generator Info

An option for generator owners - the generator transfer switch

image of transfer switch collar and cord

If you use a portable generator, we have an option for you. A device can be installed behind your electric meter which allows you to conveniently connect your generator and safely meet National Electric Code by preventing dangerous back-feed on to Callaway Electric’s power lines.

This innovative device, known as a GenerLink transfer switch, makes connecting a generator to your home a very easy process. Once the GenerLink switch is installed, you simply plug your generator into the collar like device which is installed behind your electric meter. Your home is automatically disconnected from the power grid once your generator is engaged.

The GenerLink switches are available to members through a reasonably priced monthly lease agreement with the cooperative. A combined surge protection/generator switch option is also available. These switches come standard with a 20' cord as shown in the picture above. If you have need for a longer cord, they are available but you will be required to pay the difference in cost. Also, please note, a longer cord "could" cause a drop in available voltage from your generator to your home due to increasing the distance.

Some specific generator and electric service requirements must be met before we can install a GenerLink switch at your home.

**200 amp Pole and Pad mount generator transfer switches are also available if you have a larger generator or don't want to pay a monthly fee. However, Callaway Electric will still need to maintain the unit because of how the meter is attached. These switches are "purchased" and the member is responsible for making and attaching their own cord.

If you would like more information, please contact our member service department by email or phone at 573-642-3326.


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