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High Bill Concerns

High bills are troubling even at the best of times and a person may ask themself..."am I just using too much electric or is there some kind of problem?". The first thing people tend to gravitate towards is the meter with the thought that it is speeding up. Well, the meters at Callaway Electric are now digital, which means there are zero moving parts. What this means is that generally if this meter malfunctions it does it by not sending data out rather than speeding up and increasing the bill.

However, this does not mean you are not having a problem of some kind. If you have any concern with your bill please contact our Member Service Department (573-642-3326). One of the member service representatives will be able to use the data that your meter sends out in order to help trouble-shoot any problems. They can also determine how your power is utilized in a home by doing an electrical usage analysis. This analysis can give you the approximate amount of energy you use to heat and cool your home (if electric) as well as what you use in your home minus the heating and cooling systems (base load).

Before you make that call, please conduct an inspection of your home and see if one of the following items is either on or malfunctioning. These items have been found to be causes of higher bills either through malfunctioning or forgetting that they are on:

  • A well pump that is stuck on or has a bleeding pressure tank
  • A water heater that has an element stuck on
  • A malfunctioning refrigerator or freezer
  • Heat tape that is left on or stuck on
  • Base board heat that is "on" when you thought it was "off"
  • A space heater located in an area that isn't used much, such as a pump house, weekend home, workshop, etc.
  • A stock tank water heater that is left on or stuck on
  • A malfunctioning heating or cooling system (low refrigerant, bad thermostat, etc.)




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