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Prepaid Billing

What is prepaid billing?

Similar to purchsing food, gasoline, or groceries - prepaid billing allows you to pay for electricity how and when you choose. Some refer to it as a 'pay as you go' plan.

How does prepaid billing work?

Make a payment up front for electricity. Usage is calculated daily and can be monitored through the Cooperative's online SmartHub billing system. At certain 'set points' you will receive notification by phone, text message, or email alerting you of the estimated days or amount remaining on your account. You can then make a payment by phone, online or using a smartphone (via SmartHub), or in person to 'refuel' your account and continue using electric.

What if my prepayment runs out?

You will first receive notification by phone, text message, or email that you have a balance due and you are subject to disconnect. If your account balance is not brought above $0 by 1:00 p.m. on the day of notice, your service will be disconnected.

After disconnect, the account balance must be brought above $0 by making a payment by phone, internet or in person. Your service will then be automatically restored within 30 minutes. No disconnect or reconnect fees will be charged.

Is prepaid billing right for me?

Prepaid billing is not for everyone. However it does have some benefits. New accounts will be required to go through a credit check and pay an applicable deposit based on their credit score. The credit check can be avoided by choosing prepaid billing.

For existing accounts, prepaid billing may be attractive because it allows you to make smaller, more frequent or larger, less frequent payments rather than paying once per month.

Prepaid billing also helps members to closely monitor electric usage. Statistics have shown that accounts on prepaid billing tend to use less electricity because they are more aware of the amount of power they are consuming.

Accounts on prepaid billing will avoid higher deposits, late penalties, disconnect charges, and reconnect fees. Contact our customer service department by phone (573-642-3326) or email for more information.

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