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Recurring Membership

If you are a rental property owner, farmer, seasonal or account holder, or if you have a need for frequent disconnect and reconnect of electric service, recurring membership may be beneficial to you.

Typically, when an account is disconnected it is our policy to apply the electric deposit and membership fee (if applicable) to the final bill for that location. Each time an account is re-connected, even in the same name, we would require a new deposit.

The recurring membership is an effort to make this process more convenient. If you are a property owner and have a meter that you need to connect and disconnect on a frequent basis, we can hold your deposit and applicable membership fee on file. This allows you to have your meter turned on or shut off with a phone call rather than messing with a new deposit and new paperwork. We do ask for 2 working days notice to avoid any extra reconnect fee.

Recurring membership can be helpful to rental property owners who have renters moving in and out and who may need an account put in their name (as the owner) between renters. It may also be helpful to farmers with cattle waterers or seasonal meters that only need electricity part of the year. Weekend places are another example of accounts that may benefit. If you know you will be in town on a certain date, you can call ahead to have the meter connected and disconnected and will not have to worry about a deposit.

If you are interested in recurring membership for your account, please note that you must own the property where the meter is located. A 'recurring membership' application must also be signed and a deposit and membership fee (if applicable) must be paid. The Cooperative will then keep your deposit and applicable membership fee on file for up to 24 months from the last date of disconnect on a meter. Please also remember to allow at least 2 working days to have a service reconnected. Same day or next day reconnect requests may be subject to additional charges.

If you wish to have a recurring membership at more than one location, a deposit must be paid for each location. Deposits cannot be transferred back and forth between multiple locations.

Contact our customer service department by phone at 573-642-3326 or email to sign up or get more details about changing to this type of membership. If you need to download a copy of the application, please click here.

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