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Surge Protection


Whole House Surge Protection

Certain times of the year lightning can be a major issue in regards to your home electronics. In order to protect your sensitive electronic goods Callaway Electric recommends getting whole house surge protection. Whole house surge protection is a two layer system of protection starting at your incoming service line and ending at each individual item (tv, computer, etc...).

Below is a description of the equipment that makes up this two layer system.


1st Layer Whole House Surge Protection:

  • These two devices do the same job, which is to take the first jolt of high voltage electricity that enters a home due to a lightning strike. This initial protection is good for large appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, and dishwashers...devices that contain pumps, compressors and different types of motors. They do not protect more sensitive electronics like computers and tv's.
  • The item on the left is a collar that goes behind your meter and comes with a monthly lease cost. It is not purchased and will be replaced free of charge if it ever stops working. The device on the right is wired into your breaker box and is purchased and owned by the member. The member is also required to install this device on their own.


2nd Layer Whole House Surge Protection:


These surge protectors are just two examples of the variety of devices available. The 2nd layer of protection absorbs the surge of voltage down to the point that it won't damage your sensitive electronics. When installing a surge protection system, make sure you cover every possible entry into your electronic device. Lightning will not only travel through the electrical lines, it will also move through cable, phone, and internet lines. There are surge strips that will offer protection from all of the above.

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