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Traditional Rate

Deposit for service

Each member who opens an account with the cooperative is required to pay a $5 membership fee. After that, a security deposit for traditional electric service is required. The amount of the deposit will be based on the member’s credit rating:

A zero or slight credit risk          $45.00

Intermediate credit risk              $245.00

Severe credit risk                      $495.00


The following rate schedule applies to traditional billing:

Service availability charge

$39.00/month (Single Phase-200 Amp Service)

$48.00/month (Single Phase-320/400 Amp Service)

$58.00/month (Three Phase-320/400 Amp Service)

All locations share the cost of providing the basic service to a meter. Service availability includes the cost incurred to keep the office open and accessible to the membership, as well as a portion of line maintenance, outage restoration, tree trimming, taxes, insurance, depreciation, etc. It does not include energy.

Residential Rate Schedule

  • 0-1,000 kWh - 12.02 cents/kWh
  • 1,001-2,000 kWh - 8.79 cents/kWh
  • All over 2,000 kWh - 8.19 cents/kWh

Optional Services

  • Security Light - $10.00/month
  • Surge Protection Collar - $5.95/month
  • Generator Transfer Switch - $6.00/month
  • Surge Protection/Generator Transfer Combo - $8.00/month
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